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Want to Know if a Product Has Any OTO’s and What They Are?

Want to know if a product has any OTO’s? Everything  you ever wanted to know about OTO’s, Upsells & Downsells…

“Discover The Secrets That The “Gurus” Don’t Want Published –  Secrets That will Save You $$$ on Your WSO & JVZoo Purchases – Guaranteed!”

First, to those marketers that may feel I am giving away the farm, I would like to point out that there are many products out there that deal with Launch Jacking, product reviewing (blog & videos) etc.

As you know they teach buyers to go to the various JV product launch sites to choose products to promote by checking out the JV Page for more info to base their reviews on. Also to try to get a review copy.

This post is no different, except for trying to help newcomers from being taken advantage of.

I believe that all consumers are entitled to “informed” buying decisions. That’s why certain companies are compelled by law to supply a PDS (Product Disclosure Statement).


In the world of Internet marketing, there are a lot of unethical money-hungry scam artists preying on those who are ignorant about the industry.

They know you’re new, and they know you won’t realize you’ve been suckered until it’s too late.

Again, at this point, I’d like to state that if anyone reading this takes issue with me offering this course, then I would assume they are marketers that rely on newcomer’s lack of knowledge to milk them for all they are worth.

As a well-known and very successful marketer once said: Am I going to be one of those guys who hides because I’m afraid to offend somebody? No.

Certain marketers prefer to keep newcomers, of which there are more of on a daily basis, in the dark so they will keep on buying and buying and buying in the hope that something will come along that actually does what it says on the tin (sales page).


These marketers group together and release product after product (especially on WarriorPlus) – all promising to promote the other’s products if they promote theirs. Does quality come into this? Probably depends on each individual marketer.

As we all know, they are not 1 product, they are a group of related products designed to keep you paying more and more as you move through the funnel.

I know and agree that upselling is marketing, plain and simple.

What really gets to me is software products where the front end is a “Regular, Lite or whatever they come up with ” version and the OTO1 is the “Pro” version. Why not be upfront and have them BOTH on the front end sales page, with separate pricing!

There are many marketers that do, but sadly there are others that seem willing to do anything to make extra money. Of course, this also helps them with recruiting affiliates, many of whom don’t seem to care about the ethics involved.

If the buyer decides to purchase the Pro version, he/she has already been FORCED to pay for a Lite version that they wont be using, in order to be able to purchase the Pro version, making the end result an unnecessarily expensive piece of software.

Pity you couldn’t just buy the “Pro” version for $77 in the first place.

I guess it’s OK if it turns out that all you really needed was the “Enterprise” version.

NOTE: I am NOT criticizing this particular vendor(s). The “Enterprise” version of this particular software may be enough for most marketers and the “Pro” version may well be worth $124 or more. This is merely an example.

Also, upsells/funnels are part of what happens in the sales process everywhere and are something to learn from, as long as they are done in a tasteful manner.

Some marketers actually inform their buyers of OTO’s, both as affiliates and as sellers, in order to look after the interests of the people on their lists. Obviously, this results in trust, loyal subscribers and a lot more sales.

Example Of An Upfront Marketer’s Review On His Blog:


Another one. Note his comment at the top regarding the Pro version…


I don’t know about you but knowing I would have to pay for the basic version to get the Pro version of this software, I’d give it a miss ($27 + $37 = $64).

A number of marketers whose lists I am on inform their lists of any OTO’s when it is their own product they are selling, but usually not when it is someone else’s product.

I suspect that’s because they don’t want to upset the seller should they find out.

Can you recall ever buying a OTO (One time offer)?

Only to discover it was a complete waste of money and really added nothing to the main product?

When you’ve finished reading this report that will likely NEVER happen again. And you’ll be able to make much better buying decisions. Decisions that will save you money.


Here’s a sales funnel that would probably irritate the most patient person you know. Also note there is a downsell on the front end product…


If you clicked away from the sales page you would get one of those “Wait – Click stay on the page to get a Discount” type of messages. And if you clicked the stay on the page option…

You’d only pay $2.95 for what was a $5.95 product.

Nice discount!


As you can see above there are 5 Upgrades each with at least one downsell. In most cases -but not always – it’s just the same product at a lower price.

Sometimes they say they will remove the bonuses – nothing to cry about as they are usually not worth the extra money, anyway.

Another Example…

Note that each OTO has a downsell. If you don’t know how to check for this info, then you are paying too much!

And Another One…


We’ll be getting into checking out JV pages so that you can take a look at the funnels and…

Especially in the case of software…

Whether or not the front end product is the complete product.

Because they are sometimes “Lite” versions or “Single Domain Licence” etc.

Which means you have to buy the front end product AND the OTO to get what you want. Which can be somewhat costly.

It’s also a practice I personally don’t approve of.

Let’s take a look at a funnel where the front end (WordPress plugin) is for a single site license only. But the sales page omitted that bit of info.

(Read my comments in green)…

As you can see there is, at least in my opinion, a “grey” area that disadvantages newcomers, due to their lack of knowledge, and makes more money for the product creators and affiliates at their expense.

So, if you are new to online marketing and tend to buy a lot of WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers) and/or JVZoo products…

And would like to learn some tips and tricks that could save you money…

While, at the same time, gaining valuable knowledge of the workings of sales funnels etc…

And affiliate marketing…

And testing your new skills on products I recommend in my emails.

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