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Top Quality PLR – List of the Best PLR Content Providers

PLR Quality Products – Which PLR Sellers You Should Trust?

It’s common knowledge in the ‘make money online’ scene that most of the private label rights content (PLR) being sold is utter drivel, and using such content will be deleterious to the health of your business.

However, all doom and gloom aside, there’s a silver lining to this dark content cloud. Amidst the sea of shabby PLR, there are PLR sellers who do put out excellent content that you can proudly put your name to.

So many beginners buy poor quality PLR and wrongly believe that ALL PLR content is bad. It’s not. They just didn’t know where to look.

If you have any PLR content that’s not very well written – Grab Arun Chandran’s “How To Rewrite PLR Fast“.

Below you’ll find the best PLR content sites & PLR sellers who have a reputation for putting out top-shelf content. They’re popular and have stood the test of time.

If you are looking for high qualty PLR in the Self-Help niche, that comes in smaller bundles to suite everyones budget, then PLR SOS might be just what you are looking for.  Click Here To Check Them Out.

PLR Mini Mart – Niche PLR Products (including online marketing). Tiffany Lambert provides PLR content on every subject you can think of and they are all of the highest quality. Niche PLR articles packs, plr content packages, online marketing, PLR product reviews, relationships,  personal development and a lot more. Tiffany is known for being the expert ghostwriter for the gurus.

high quality plr products


While the site looks a little dated (because overhauling a store with so many products is a Herculean task), her content is some of the best out there.

Tiff’s longevity in the business is proof of the quality of her PLR. Do get on her email list because she dishes out good information almost daily.

List Magnets – Alice Seba provides PLR lead magnets for a range of topics. They also specialize in providing PLR to informative report packages with practical extras like checklists, worksheets and more.

FREE PLR From Alice Seba:

41 Social Media Tips + 4 Graphics

40 Facebook Marketing Tips + Social Media Graphics

51 Winning Website Traffic Ideas

Massive Traffic Using Paid Advertising Bundle

Nurturing Your Email List

45 Day LinkedIn Client Blueprint

PLRPump – Kate Rieger provides health and fitness content written by health and fitness experts.

Download PLR Products – Kevin Fahey is the creator of download PLR He has been providing high quality private label rights and master resell rights products to tonnes of marketers around the world since 2011. He updates the site every week and has a massive gold training vault as well as 47,000 articles for your use. Included in the category list are private label rights products, Master resell rights products as well as products with giveaway rights. There is a $2.95 7-day trial after which you only pay $16.96 per month.

All Private Label – They have topic focused memberships and a la carte PLR bundles.

Health & Wellness PLR – Jennifer Anderson has been a professional writer for almost a decade now. She specializes in writing health and medical articles, and she know my stuff! PLR categories on her site include: Diet, Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Journal and Planner Printables, Journaling, Mental Health, Misc PLR, Natural and Alternative Health, Premium PLR, Self Help, Self-Care and Lifestyle.
Piggy Makes Bank –  Together, Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers have over 13 years of experience in writing, marketing & customer service. They provide content on various topics including Health, Finance, 30 Day Challenges, Business and Self Help PLR.
Buy Health PLR –  Health related PLR site. Kim Phoenix, is the owner of  this website.  Her store is unique in that she has a four-year university degree in a health field, ensuring that the quality you find on her site meets the expectations of everyone from internet marketers looking for PLR content for their niche blogs to physicians needing PLR for their own blogs.
Content Drafts  –  Nicole Dean sells mainly Personal Development PLR. She creates content drafts for you that you can use to inspire and inform your readers to become their best versions of themselves. In her own words: “I call it “drafts” because I would LOVE to see you add your stories and experiences and insight to the content as you publish it.”
Content Sparks – This is one of those PLR stores that doesn’t outrightly use the term ‘PLR’ – probably because of the negative connotations associated with it, due to all the shoddy and shabby PLR content out there.
Instead, on Content Sparks, you’ll find terms such as ‘Ready to go’, ‘brandable content’, etc. It’s actually a brilliant way to position one’s self as a content authority.
However, content is content… and this is just like PLR too. Only with a better reputation.
In fact, it’s exceptionally good content that’s focused on online marketing coaching and training programs. You can use it just like any normal PLR.
Run by Sharyn Sheldon, Content Sparks contains packages on: starting an online store, getting more sales, marketing psychology, storytelling in marketing and much more.
The content bundles are slightly pricier than what you’d find in most PLR stores, but they’re worth every cent.
Coaches, trainers, consultants, etc. will be able to use the slides, cheat sheets, action guides and other modules to train their audience easily.
If you’re in the online marketing niche and you’re aiming to build credibility and authority, the content packages you find on Content Sparks will put you light years ahead of your competition.
Sharyn’s products are for people who are serious about their business. You’ll pay a bit more for the content, but they really pack a punch.
In conclusion – All of the PLR sites mentioned above are credible and have amazing content you can use. Visit them and see what they have to offer.
Private label rights packages can take your business to the next level if you use the right content… and use it well.
Tap into this wonderous resource and leverage it to accelerate your productivity and skyrocket your business in record time.

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