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Social Media Hacks – Checklist 1



Creating Post Images


Creating multiple sizes of a single image optimized for different social platforms.

Use Canva to create your posts and then use the resize button. There are almost 50 image types to choose from, and once you choose which image sizes to generate, just click “Abracadabra – Resize” and your new images open in separate tabs.




Customized Buttons


On a page you create you can add buttons that say i.e Watch Video. You can add a link that leads to a page on your blog/website to catch their email and build your list or even link out to an affiliate offer.



Download videos from Facebook


When you see a video you like then you can download it right from Facebook by doing the following;

Right click on the video

Copy the video url that appears in a pop up box

Open a new tab

Paste the video url into the address bar

Now in the link replace www with the letter m and hit return

You will see a new tab open and the video appear full size

Press play to play the video

Now you can right click the video and choose save and save the video to your desktop or other folder.



Play Facebook video from specific time


In the comments you can tell someone to watch the video from a specific time in the video and if you type the time, it becomes clickable and the video plays from there.



Share Facebook Live videos


With a Facebook live video you will see the like and emotion buttons but you won’t see a share button, to share it simply right click the video and grab the video url and now you can post that link and the video will appear.



Tag Groups


When posting in a group remember to tag the group in your content.

The group members will receive a notification or they will see this post in their newsfeed.



Automated Messages


When you add a new friend on Facebook you can introduce yourself and initiate and conversation automatically using a messenger bot such as Manychat.



Search Box


As mentioned previously you can find people who like specific things related to your niche or interests for search for ‘people who like…’ and then add your keyword.



Post less frequent


To boost your reach and engagement don’t post too often, only the best content that is highly targeted for your audience, this will produce better results.

Posting less frequently seems to encourage the Facebook algorithm to share your content with more people.



Branding pics and videos


Add your logo and brand name or url to your images and videos because when someone see’s it they are likely to Google it.

Also, Facebook is reducing exposure to posts with links in, so this is one way around it.



Link in comments


Another way to add links to your posts is to write your content and end it with a call to action and tell people they can find the link in the comments



Letterbox Videos


You may have seen videos with a colored bar at the top and bottom containing a headline and what the video’s about. These are proven to increase views.


Tall image posts


When posting an image on Facebook think about using taller images as these take up more space especially on mobile devices.

A simple way to do this is to use the Pinterest image templates in Canva.



Upside down text


Upside down text draws the eye to it right away. You can easily add upside down text by typing it and then copy and paste it from here




Increase Karma


The key to more traffic and engagement on Reddit is to increase your Karma by adding posts that get a lot of Upvotes.

One way of doing this is to find content related to your niche/interests that has already received a lot of likes or positive comments and then use that.

For example, you could find an image on Instagram and post it on Reddit.

If you want a head start then you can buy Reddit accounts that already have a lot of posts and Karma. Simple Google ‘Buy Reddit Accounts with Karma’.



Buying Upvotes


Always aim to provide quality content that naturally gets upvotes but if you are looking for a kickstart then you can buy Reddit Upvotes from Fiverr.

You will need upvotes within a certain time limit of posting for it to be effective.

That means you have to coordinate with your freelancer when you’re going to publish your post.

Before you post your link, message your freelancer and make sure they’re available to send their upvotes.




Join Communities


Do not focus on posting in your profile but aim to post in large active communities. Find communities with lots of active posts with +1’s and make sure not every post is a spammy link

When you are accepted then post something like this


Thanks +Moderator for accepting me! My name is [Insert your name] and I’ve been working in [Insert niche] for about 8 years, but I’m always looking to learn from fellow colleagues. Looking forward to contributing!


Then leave it a few days before posting anything



When you post it is important that you take the time to write 100 – 150 word intro about the link you are posting.


This is where the magic happens.

All you have to do is scroll down and +1 past posts – do as many as you can until your hand falls off.

What this does is drive attention back to your profile and your most recent post.

Its basic, but trust me, it works!




Break Up Content with Line Breaks 


Go to your Notes app and type the full bio or Instagram caption there. Then copy the text and paste it into the appropriate field on the app. Any line breaks you add will show up in the post. The end result is a caption that’s a lot easier on the eyes and has a better chance of being read.



Multiple Links


As mentioned in a previous list, you can use the one link in your bio to provide your visitors with multiple links all in one place by using

Then add a series of posts and include a call to action like ‘Click link in Bio’





Make your bio or comments stand out more with relevant emojis, these can be done on a mobile device but if your using a computer then go to



Use your Computer


Normally Instagram is limited to uploading content from your phone but you’ve probably got a ton of photos and videos on your hard drive/s.

You can upload content from your computer using the Flume App



Hide Hashtags


Instead of having multiple hashtags within your post then add a few in the post content and then add the rest in the first comment. Remember you can use a total of 30. To find the most popular Hashtags or Hashtag ideas then Google Hashtag generator



Repurpose Content


If you find images that you’d like to use then download them and upload them to Canva and edit them however you like by adding text, icons or even your own watermark or logo.

By adding your brand name you will help drive traffic to your site through Google searches



Add Locations –


To get your content in front of a larger audience, it’s smart to geotag your images and videos. Users commonly scope tagged locations to follow other people in the same area. By tagging multiple areas with your various content, you spread out your social casting net.




Text on Images


As you know Twitter used to have a character limit of 140 which has now been extended to 280 but if you have more text you’d like to use such as a headline or brand name then you could include that in the image to leave more available characters in your post. Again you could use Canva for this



Embed tweets on any Blog or Website


Click the … icon next to the heart icon

Select Embed Tweet

Copy the code and paste it into any HTML document (on a WordPress blog, paste the code into the “Text” view to include it in a post)



Pin a Tweet


If you have a Tweet that you want everyone to see first when they visit your profile then pin it to the top. Click the … icon next to the heart icon

Select Pin to your profile page



Twitter Search Operators


You can narrow your searches to filter the results such as find Tweets that have been posted on a certain date. Do this by including since:[yyyy-mm-dd] in your search for example: Twitter hacks and tricks since:2016-10-01 in the search bar will only deliver Tweets containing “Twitter hacks and tricks” that were sent after October 1, 2016.

Below is a list of search operators you can use;

twitter search           – Tweets containing both “twitter” and “search”. This is the default operator.

“happy hour”            – Tweets containing the exact phrase “happy hour”.

love OR hate – Tweets containing either “love” or “hate” (or both).

beer –root – Tweets containing “beer” but not “root”.

#haiku            – Tweets containing the hashtag “haiku”.

from:alexiskold – Tweets sent from person “alexiskold”.

to:techcrunch – Tweets sent to person “techcrunch”.

@mashable   – Tweets referencing person “mashable”.

“happy hour” near:”san francisco”          – Tweets containing the exact phrase “happy hour” and sent near “san francisco”.

near:NYC within:15mi – Tweets sent within 15 miles of “NYC”.

superhero since:2010-12-27 – Tweets containing “superhero” and sent since date “2010-12-27” (year-month-day).

ftw until:2010-12-27           – Tweets containing “ftw” and sent up to date “2010-12-27”.

hilarious filter:links – Tweets containing “hilarious” and linking to URLs.

news source:”Twitter Lite”           containing “news” and entered via Twitter Lite




Remember you can link any of your Pinterest pins to specific webpages. You will find that this platform doesn’t allow affiliate links but if you use url redirects or link shorteners then these links will work just fine 😉



Social Media Viral Contests


Run a viral contest


There are many reasons you may want to run a viral contest these could be;

To make sales

To increase brand awareness

To increase user generated content

To get more likes and shares

To increase your number of fans or followers

To build a buzz prior to a product launch

To build your email list



Your buyer avatars


Think about your perfect target audience, the type of people who would love to have your offer. Think about their interests, their needs, their pain points such as things that they have problems with that your product would help them solve. The better you understand your perfect customer’s needs then the better you can create your offer to suit them.



Offer something people will share


You need to have an offer that people will openly comment on or share with their friends, the more they share the higher their chance of winning, so make sure your offer isn’t for something that they are uncomfortable sharing or talking about with others.

For example; If you’re offering a free year’s supply of haemorrhoid cream then you’re probably not gonna get many people sharing this with their friends





If you are using paid advertising then calculate how much you are willing to spend and how you will follow up with other competition registrants to cover the cost of your ad spend or to provide you with a return on investment





You can use software to create viral contests in which entrants have to share a link with 3 or more people who then have to also share that link with others. Once they have done so then that person earns points and the more points they earn the more likely they are to win the prize



Multiple Prizes


If you have a single prize then less people may join the competition whereas if you have prizes for the top 10+ winners for example then people will feel they have more of a chance at winning and therefore more likely to enter



User Content Competitions


You can create competitions that just require people to post content. Remember when they post then their friends will see that they’ve posted and may go check it out and post too, these posts could be;

Photo Caption Contests

Essay Contests

Photo Contests

Video Contests

And more…



Add Scarcity


Let people know that there are only a limited number of spaces for competition entries or that the competition will be ending soon. This will encourage people to enter right away rather than leave it until later



Competition terms


Make it very clear to people what people need to do to;

Enter the competition

How they increase their chances of winning

What they will win

When the competition ends

When and how the winners will be announced

How they will be notified of the winners



Competition Graphics


You can create some great graphics for your competition by using the ready-made template on Canva. Whether you need graphics for;

Social Media Banners

Social Media Posts

Vouchers or Coupons



And more…



Update entrants


Keep people up to date with what’s going on and encourage them to do more to increase their chances of winning.

You could even create a leader board showing the positions of those who are currently winning and those who are close behind



Use all Social Media Platforms


If you’re running a competition don’t just run it on one platform, use the same content and graphics and share it on multiple platforms to reach more of your followers and get them sharing it even more with their followers



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