My name is Kevin Flatt, and I would like to help you get started with earning a passive income through recurring income affiliate programs.

Passive Income Is THE BEST Way To Make Money Online LONG TERM!

Truth of the matter is that it isn’t all that difficult and complicated to make money using a simple system that can be put into action once you know exactly how to do it.  

All that is required are 2 things to make things happen:  

  • Find someone you trust to show you how to do something the right way.
  • Then you must believe and act upon what you’ve just learned and dump the noise and information overload you have in your head from past experiences.

Now I do realize that the 2nd part for most people is the hardest part to complete. The more times you’ve been lied to in the past means it’s going to be harder for you to break through the psychological barriers that are holding you back.

First, I would like to start off by saying that there’s always going to be distractions, theories and utter rubbish being dished out around all Internet Marketing circles.  

This is why most people looking to build their email lists and looking to create their first sales funnels and make their first consistent incomes online end up bitter, confused and bewildered due to the hype and noise that is being spoon fed to them every single day.  

It seems that there’s no escaping it!  

And when they do finally find a nice marketer that is actually willing to give them the exact steps required to finally see some results they can be proud of and show to their friends and family; it’s too late for them to be able to trust anyone due to the fact that some joker has burned them before and have left them hanging out to dry.  


1. You can tell yourself that this report is dangerous and could lead some people into hot water trying to run before they can walk. If that’s you, go back to the Warrior Forum or Facebook and get advice from people who are just as scared as you are. Good luck.  

2. OR go looking for someone who can provide the genuine, core, PROVEN strategies that actually DO and WILL make money online for you, and learn from these people and ideas. Jump in the deep end with a smile on your face and start swimming!

Here's What This System Will Do Fo You

I promote Recurring Payment Products…  

Because they:  

Pay commissions over and over – every time my referral is rebilled I get my commissions.  

Require no ongoing work from me – I make the sale once and I get paid again and again!  

What is passive income? It is a form of income that keeps paying you after the initial effort to establish it is done.  

Passive income is not exclusively a tool for the rich. They may be the first to realize how to use it, but you can find out the same information that they already know to increase your monthly income and overall net worth.  

The goal of passive income is to capitalize on what work you have already done. It frees you up to spend time with family and friends or to pursue another business venture. Either way, it is a win-win situation for you and your business.

So, in order to wipe the slate clean for you, I’m going to promise you that…  

If you do these EXACT STEPS that this Done-For-You Recurring Affiliate Income FUNNEL is going to show you and actually go out and do the work that’s required of you, this method will work for you! (See Earnings Disclaimer)  

I know that sounds a bit extreme but I really want this to work for you and your business and I know the feeling of being promised something, working on it for weeks and months on end only to see little to no results from all your hard fought efforts.  

But what this isn’t…  

Is some fly by night one off here today, gone tomorrow type training. It’s an “Evergreen” working business model that has stood the test of time and it has allowed me and many others to sell recurring payment products online consistently.  

And this exact model will cut your “To Do” list by 90%, free you from worrying about the latest Google SEO updates and all that other stuff that is currently stopping you from seeing results online.  

For the money to come you need to get together with someone who can show you how to do it!  

You NEED the advanced teaching, the core money-making methods. That’s the REAL investment, NOT the basics that are freely available everywhere.  

Sound simple enough?  

Thing is, not enough people get to the stage of making a living online and give up before they’ve even given the system a chance to work.  

Then they go and hang out on forums complaining that it doesn’t work.  

You only need to focus on getting this 1 system going first before doing anything else, and then you can look at adding in additional projects and revenue streams into your business too.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is this FUNNEL that will allow you to work your own hours, set your income levels, free up your time and build a repeatable and scalable online business.  

So here are your options:

It will take work on the front end to get things set up, but you are striving for an income source that will keep on giving so that’s okay.  

At first it might seem intimidating….  

Setting up these multiple streams of passive income…  

But there’s a really simple way to do it…  

And once you know how to do this, you are already ahead of 98% of other marketers who want to make money online! 

Obviously, I cannot guarantee your results. Nobody can.  

P.S. If you pass on this…  

Then you’ll have to just imagine it.  

You’ll also have to imagine how you’ll feel if you are still struggling to “make it” online this time next year.