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Before You Buy a Page Builder Read This!

8 Things to Look For When Buying a Page Builder

There is no shortage of page builders on the market. The most popular ones are Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, OptimizePress, Divi Builder and so on. These days, there are funnel builders like ClickFunnels, Kartra, Groove Funnels and many more.

You’re absolutely spoiled for choice… and while that’s great, it can also be overwhelming.

Here’s what you need to know – no matter how fancy or hyped up a page builder may be, ultimately it comes down to about 8 fundamentals.

Out of all the page builders we’ve seen, we believe that Thrive Architect (and the suite) is the best option for most online marketers.

Let’s see why…

1. Ease of use

Not all page builders are made equal. Some are highly technical and can deter even the most enthusiastic newbie marketer.

When choosing a page builder, it has to have a simple interface that’s not confusing and yet, it has to have flexibility and customization options.

Most marketers don’t want to fiddle around with CSS code and other confusing tech issues. This is why Thrive Architect, which is included with Thrive Themes, is fantastic. It’s easy to use (after watching the tutorials) and is perfect for beginners… but also versatile enough for the advanced marketers to capitalize on.

2. Stability

The software has to be stable… and after thousands of websites using Thrive Architect, you can bet it’s stable. With constant updates, this software is a lean, mean marketing machine.

3. Flexible and adaptable

Flexibility should be the middle name for Thrive Architect. With over 250 pre-designed templates, you can design just about any landing page or sales page you have in mind.

It integrates perfectly with all the tools in the Thrive Suite. You can add countdown timers, opt in forms, testimonials, etc. with the different Thrive plugins that are included in the Thrive Suite.

This is more than a page builder. It’s a marketing arsenal… and this puts Thrive Architect so far ahead of the competition, that choosing it becomes a no-brainer.

4. Compatible with WordPress

Most page builders are compatible with WordPress. You don’t want to be forced to use a specific theme just so you can use the page builder.

Thrive Themes and WordPress are compatible and you have the option of using Thrive features, such as Thrive Architect, on your WordPress blog posts too.

For example, you can create a WordPress blog post and add a Thrive contact form on it. Not only do you not need a separate plugin to create a contact form, but you can weave in the Thrive feature into the post. You’re not just limited to your sales/landing pages.

5. Speed and mobile responsiveness

Nobody is patient these days. If your page takes too long to load, you’ll lose tons of visitors. The page builder you use will need to create pages that load with lightning speed.

Thrive Architect’s pages meet this requirement AND they are mobile responsive too. Everybody is glued to their mobile phones and do most of their web surfing on it. So, your page builder must create pages that look great in mobile.

6. Pre-designed templates

Templates will make things easy and fast for you. Nowadays, most page builders include a library of templates for the users. Thrive Themes has 268 landing page templates you can use.

With drag and drop simplicity and tons of templates, you can create a fantastic sales page and/or landing page in minutes… or an hour or so, depending on how long the sales page is.

Whatever the case, with the degree of customization Thrive Architect allows, you can get your page to look EXACTLY like how you want it to. You can even build one from scratch.

The different elements such as countdown timers, hover effects, etc. will help you to create a page that’s attractive and engaging while adding scarcity to it too.

Everything will look professional without you having to pay hundreds or even thousands to a graphic designer.

7. Split testing and integrations.

Thrive Architect integrates with Thrive Optimize. So you can do simple A/B split testing to improve the conversions of your landing pages and sales pages.

With the other Thrive Suite tools, you’ll be able to add testimonials, quizzes, opt in forms and much more.
Unlike most page builders which will require you to purchase more plugins, Thrive Suite has it all in one bundle and everything works together smoothly and seamlessly.

You’ll save time and money… which brings us to the last point…

8. Pricing

Thrive Suite is highly affordable and only costs $19 a month. While you’ll be charged for it yearly, it’s still a deal.
Alternatively, you may choose to pay quarterly, but that will mean paying $30 a month, which is almost double what you’d pay yearly.

You’re better off saving up and getting Thrive yearly. It’s better than getting a cheaper page builder that doesn’t perform well.

To make matters worse, many page builders are unsupported after a while and the pages start breaking and becoming a mess.

With Thrive Architect, your software will be updated and supported for years to come. This is a very reputable brand and an industry leader in this niche.

There are other brands such as ClickFunnels, Kartra, etc. that have many similar options. However, their pricing is steep. At $97-$99 a month, the costs can add up.

Furthermore, once you exceed the number of pages allowed in the starter package, you’ll need to upgrade your plan. This will mean paying $199-$297 a month. So, your costs will increase as your business grows.

However, with Thrive Suite, your cost will stay the same.

In fact, the more pages you create and the more profit you make, your Thrive Suite fee will actually be more affordable. Even if you cancel your Thrive Suite subscription, your pages will still be intact and working. There’s no downside here.

With ClickFunnels and other monthly software, once you cancel, all your pages are gone. Gasp! You must be aware of all the downsides when you purchase a page builder.

Once again, we’ll reiterate that nothing comes close to Thrive Architect (and the suite) in terms of flexibility, adaptability, customization and integrations.

Check out Thrive Suite’s features here and you’ll realize that this is truly value for money and will serve as a rock-solid foundation upon which you will build your online


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