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We Captured These Images With Our Sony Alpha 6000 Camera So You Can Sleep Soundly Knowing
That You Have The Correct License To A Huge Collections Of Fresh Stock Photos!

  • Full developers rights

  • Add value to your product

  • Create banner ads

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  • Use in presentations

  • And so much more...

Fresh Stock Photos Is 100% Compatible With:

Dear friend,

You need a professionally taken and well edited stock of fresh, unique and never seen-before photos and images. That's indisputable if you really want the best out of images.

For obvious reasons, stock photos are the next best thing to creating costly marketing videos for your business... Yet they are much more affordable than videos! No wonder EVERYONE still uses them.

But there's a catch! The big problem that makes most STOCK PHOTO USERS
wary of using them. OVERUSE!!!

Everyday, millions of bloggers, internet marketers, creative agencies and everyone in between use and recycle the same copyright-free photos making their websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, ads and business look boring, generic and, at worst, spammy!

But you don't have to hurt your business like that!

It is really unfortunate that many extraordinary brands, bloggers, marketers and creative agencies are forced to use these old, lackluster photos....and most likely you've been dragged to that mud a couple of times!

Your visitors see the same picture they have on their phones put up in your website and immediately perceive you as phony, amateur and unprofessional. A picture saying a 100 negative words about your brand!

Perceptions you don't want!

In fact it has become a struggle to find amazing, exclusive images that really do justice to the uniqueness of your business and brand.

Stop Killing Your Customers Experience With Overused, Boring And Legally Questionable Generic Photo Packs

Don't Lose Your Visitors And Customers To Age-Old, Boring Photos

You can quickly and easily make 100% bounce rate using these overused, weary and boring images. Your visitors will leave and never come back! They won't trust you enough to part with their cash or input their credit card details on your website.You need original, fresh, exciting, eye catching photos.

Tired of Spending More Money on Photos Than On Getting Qualified Customers?

Extended licenses for single photos from websites like iStockPhoto can cost as much as $40 or even more. Money you could use to drive more qualified customers to your business! Or better still save towards your dream vacation.

Copyright Infringement Can Wreck Your Business

Don't play the Russian roulette with your business! Imagine waking one morning to see your business gone and a myriad of lawsuits that would probably take the your son's entire teenage age to resolve. All because you carelessly used some image you got from a simple Google search. You need stock pile of photos and images so you won't have to click the search button...EVER AGAIN!

Get Instant Access To This Unique Collection Of Original, Creative And Engaging Fresh Stock Photos...

Now for a very limited time, we want to give you an opportunity to get extended right to high quality images that has be proven to create massive engagement. 

Over the years, members of our team have had the privilege to travel across more than 5 continents. And have taken shots of memorable, unique moments using some of the best DSR cameras you can think of.

When you think of the effort we put in just to get these awesome images for you, you'd sure know how priceless this offer is.

Let's assume you really love these images and would like to create a photo pack of yours with similar scenes and imagery, you would have to:

1. Go back in time and travel across 5 continents

2. Get four of the most powerful DSR cameras in the market

3. Develop a life time skill of capturing captivating moments in the midst of several activities.

4. And finally hire highly professional image editors from First World countries at $33/hour to edit all 1500+ images 

But we have done all that grunt work for you!

Examples From The Fresh Stock Photos Collection.

Some 1,500 Eyecatching, Royalty-Free, Fresh Stock Photos With Free Developers License For You

(Images Below Are A Sample From The Entire Collection)

Here Is Why You Should Choose Fresh Stock Photos Today

Use For Social Media

Use these Internet ready images to create great looking timeline covers, tweetable quotes and images for your posts. They are great for your GooglePlus posts, Pinterest, and for creating viral social visual posts that grab attention and get your friends, fans and followers clicking those like and share buttons.

Use On Your Websites

We have one thousand beautiful photos that covers the most popular industry niches. There are beautiful travel photos, delicious photos of food, images of city life, perfect landscape photos and many others. We photographed and brought you the best scenes, because we know you want them to be trendy and relevant to your actual needs.

Use For Advertising Campaigns

Grab the attention of your audience in an instant with beautiful eye catching images. Use these photos to create great looking banner ads or bring people to your squeeze page with Facebook attractive newsfeed images that “pop.” They are great for facebook ads, media buy, adwords, and display creatives. Obviously, there is no limit to how creative you can get with these images!

Pixel-Perfect Images For Mobiles

These days we all use our mobile devices for almost every online interaction. Don't worry. We had this in mind while editing all the 1500 photos in this pack to make sure they come off with the perfect size for fast loading on mobile devices, while looking great on your mobile devices and on the devices of your friends, followers, and audience. These are the pixel-perfect shots you will be proud to deploy on mobiles.

Pixel-Perfect Internet Ready Images

Each of the 1500 photographs in this fresh pack is Internet ready. Every image has been compressed to make them just the right size for fast loading websites, while maintaining a pixel-perfect appearance. It meant extra work for us, but it’s going to save you hundreds of hours of extra editing.

…And Every One of the 1500 Photos Has Been Professionally Edited…

To make that special photo perfect, we spent hours over every image editing them. Because, let’s face it, those little touches are what make professional photos look so great.

Save Your Precious Time And Money

Forget the $50 a pop you get charged at the usual websites for regular photos. This pack contains unique, beautiful images that won’t break the bank.

From Kindle authors, video marketers and bloggers through to local business consultants, Fresh Stock Photos has something for everyone. This is a package with photos that you will be using on your projects for the foreseeable future…

And we want you to use them. So feel free to edit the images, add text, turn them into inspirational quotes, memes… Or even do it all. The potential for this graphics pack is almost endless and you can use them with complete confidence in your marketing campaigns.

There are no hidden costs. With our one time fee you don’t have to worry about spending money for every image you use. Just do the math, it's almost 1 cent a photo!

On a regular website, with overused images, just one photo can cost you $50. Buy Fresh Stock Photos today and you can snap up 1500, already edited, professional photos for less than 20 bucks or less than $0.02 each. This is an insane deal you don't want to miss!

Your Purchase Is 100% Risk-Free

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind Fresh Stock Photos and offer a cast iron money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the photo pack you’re getting today we’ll refund your money. So now you know you can try Fresh Stock Photos risk free.

Get Instant Access To These Stock Photos Today
NOTE: Download Size is 21 GB

Today Only $19.99 (Limited Offer)

Fresh Stock Photos

$20 is an affordable price for all marketers. In fact, if you can find a cheaper graphics pack, with 100% original never seen before photos, anywhere on the Internet we'll give you your money back (heck you can even keep the photos), because we want you to feel 110% satisfied with your purchase.

Of course the price is not going to stay low forever. This price is for people who ACT now, because we want you to use these graphics in your projects right away.

As soon as you make your purchase, you will be instantly redirected to the download area from where you can download your 1500+ fresh photos.

To get instant access to Fresh Stock Photos, simply click on the buy button above.

It's simple, easy, risk-free and 100% secure.

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