Free WordPress Video Tutorials


Free WordPress Video Tutorials
Step-By-Step Training

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I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for checking out this opportunity.

I know this is going to make a tremendous impact on your online business.

First, if you would like to know more about me Check Out My About Page (Will open in a new window).

Here’s the deal, after you sign up for hosting via my affiliate link I will give you 20 Free Step-By-Step WordPress Tutorials (Normally $27) – plus more below.

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This is a win-win for both of us as you get something valuable for nothing and I get paid for helping you – you do NOT pay extra by buying through an affiliate link (see below).


Email me at kevin [at] (More personal than my Help Desk)


Most marketers promote hosting (and many other products and services) for commissions using banners in their blogs, viral reports, paid reports, squeeze page reports, email marketing etc.

Also by using “How to get Hosting” videos with a link or banner below, like I have done…

See the link further down this page to the video on one of my other sites – the one I sell the videos from.

They usually don’t tell you they will receive a commission, at least not in a prominent place.

Therefore, not only am I telling you I will receive a commission if you get Hosting via my link…

I am also giving you value ($27 Plus) in return with 20  Step-By-Step WordPress Training Videos…

In addition to my “Getting a Domain Name & Hosting” video linked to below.

BTW – Although I own the rights to these videos, the terms do not allow me to just give them away…

They must be sold or used as a bonus to another product/service.

Once you are on my list I will also heavily discount (not allowed to give away) another 11 advanced videos that will really get you up and running, plus you will get my tips, advice and my recommendations via email.

Back to the topic at hand and our future relationship…

Every hosting company I know of pays commissions to their affiliates.

So, why HostGator?

I’ve answered that further down this page…

Please note: Hosting companies, like other companies with affiliate programs, pay out commissions to their referrers (in this case me) from their OWN profits.

So you pay the same whether or not you go through an affiliate link.


You cannot use your own affiliate link.

Here’s the thing…

If you are serious about making money online you WILL have to invest some money to get started…

Unless you’re rich and can afford to outsource everything you will need to learn some skills…

Such as creating a WordPress site…

Using Autoresponders etc.

You will need to decide on a domain name and purchase it…

Don’t worry…

I’ve got you covered with the info on this page.

When you have bought your domain name and hosting package through my link…

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About that video I referred to earlier…

You can click on the banner below the video to sign up with HostGator – preferably after you have read the rest of this page.

Below that banner are my Special Discount Codes to use when ordering..

See where all those arrows are pointing? By default, those boxes are checked. You need to make sure each of them are UNCHECKED. You don’t need any of those services and if you don’t uncheck them you will have to pay for them.
If the background video on that page slows the loading of the video tutorial (or you start feeling a bit cold with all that snow 🙂 ) there are controls on the bottom right.
Why HostGator?


Trying to wade through the vast number of hosting companies on the Internet to find the gem that you want for your business can be a real pain. With so many of these companies setting up shop overseas, there are some out there that can take your money and deliver little in return.

They give you poor service with too much down time, customer service representatives who don’t care about the company’s reputation (or your business) and fees that keep going up.

Here’s the difference one company can make in helping entrepreneurs with reliable hosting options.

With more than 9,000,000 hosted domains, many believe that Hostgator is the top provider in dedicated webhosting, vps hosting, reseller hosting and shared hosting services.

The company was started by a college student who recognized the need for a hosting company that could offer more to its customers – one that would build a good reputation and create strong ties with the community.

Located in Houston, Texas, this company has proven over the years it’s been in business that they look out for their customers. With their 99.9% uptime, the management with HostGator knows what it takes to keep customers happy.

They’ve also streamlined the hosting process so that you don’t have to have your websites scattered with various hosting companies. They can handle everything you have and they give you unlimited space and unlimited domain hosting with most plans.

If you look at the plans HostGator offers, their willingness to give discounts, their determination to make contacting them a pleasant experience, then there really is no reason not to have your hosting needs served by them.

You can find really cheap hosting with a lot of hosting companies. But usually, that’s all you get -savings on the price. What you gain in savings, you pay for in other areas, which is the real cost that you pay.

For example, you might get into a company and pay a small monthly fee, but discover that you’re limited as to how many domain names they’ll host. One company makes customers pay per domain name.

That means if you have five websites, one company will charge you $25 a month. Another costs $10 per domain hosting, so you’d pay $50 a month.

With HostGator plans, you not only save every month, but you won’t pay anything more for hosting no matter how many domains you buy as long as you don’t pick the Hatchling plan.

If you take a look at the HostGator website, you’ll see at a glance the three plans that might interest you.

Those plans are the Hatchling, Baby and Business.

The Hatchling plan is for people who only have one domain and for the foreseeable future, don’t plan to have anymore.

This would be a perfect plan for the fledgling entrepreneur or person who just wanted to host a family website and keep in touch with loved ones. It’s a great way to host a family blog and share written mementos, photos and more.

The second plan (and one that most people select) is the Baby plan. With this one, you won’t have to worry about how many domains you want hosted (because it’s unlimited) and you have plenty of space for all of your data.

Even if you don’t want to go with the three-year plan and pay $6.36 a month, you’ll still end up with a great savings at only $7.96 a month. There are also a 1 and 2 years plans on offer.

You’ll want to choose hosting based on where you’re going in the future with your business, not where you are now. You may only have one site to start with, but when you grow more, you’ll want the right hosting already in place.

cPanel Hosting

Another great feature available for each package is the cPanel admin control panel.

In fact, if you don’t choose Hostgator make sure you choose a hosting provider that offers cPanel because it is the easiest way to manage your hosting account and all your domains.

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