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One of the Main Reasons Why Most People Don’t Make Money Online is Because They Don’t Know How To Sell Stuff!


If you don’t know how to sell stuff, then even if you’re getting a lot of traffic you will never get the returns that you should be able to get.

Even with a small volume of targeted traffic, a good seller will be able to make a lot more money than someone who doesn’t know how to sell.

As with anything you do in business, you need a plan because that will ensure you make the right choices and get the most benefits from your time and money.

Most people’s plan is to create a blog and then add an affiliate link in the form of a text link, or an image of a product or ebook and then get traffic to that blog and expect to make sales.


Here’s what happens when you simply send people to an affiliate link…

The average sales letter gets around a 2% conversion. That means 98 out of ever 100 people you send to the site will NOT buy.

The owner of the product, if they are any good at marketing, will have a list of some kind for their visitors to join.

And then they get to promote to that subscriber over and over again. And believe me, they do.

He or she will be sending other affiliate offers to the list to make the money that you’re losing out on from not having collected those same email addresses.

…AND – you don’t get any commissions from any of those sales.

It’s common knowledge that most of the income is in the backend (from the list) so you’re giving other people free traffic so they can build their list and make money from backend sales that you won’t get any benefit from.

All that traffic is wasted because it’s been sent to an affiliate link instead of capturing the visitors email address.

So, you can see that traffic means nothing unless it converts into sales and while you need to get traffic, you need to concentrate a lot of your effort into making money from that traffic.

SEO is becoming more of a problem and time consuming due to Google’s ongoing algorithm changes.

This, in itself, is reason enough to build a list and in doing so, build a stable business model.

Also, paid traffic is immune to Google’s whims (PPC excluded), but you will need more than a 2% conversion if you expect to make a profit.

There are so many affiliate sites out there today, consumers no longer trust these sites. Soon you will find it very hard to convince readers that your site has more credibility than any of the others promoting the same stuff.

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