Building The Relationship With Your List

If you build a relationship, which is as easy as sending emails to friends with relevant information, then you’re not going to struggle anywhere near as much to make sales.

The fear that some people associate with list building is… ‘What do I tell my Subscribers?’

This is really simple – You send them stuff that is of interest to them.

You send them relevant articles and information that they will want to read or they will learn something from…

PLUS you send them links to stuff that they will want to buy.


You need to lose all fear of selling stuff because that’s why you have a list, and if you’re letting the people on your list know about stuff that will make their life better then you’re doing them a favor.

When I tell the people on my lists about something, I know that their life will be enhanced if they spend money on that recommendation.

You don’t simply send them everything you can find – you send them good stuff that actually enhances your relationship with them.

And do you know the very best way to build a good relationship with your list?

Send all your newsletters (emails) as though you’re sending them to a friend – a good friend.

Not someone who’s simply there to line your pocket.

Sure, you will be making money from them, and you will continue to make money from them…


Just keep giving them good stuff for free…

Then, when you make a recommendation, you can expect good returns and those returns are often more money in a week than most affiliates will make all year.


The longer you interact with the people on your list the more they will trust you (provided you actually can be trusted) and the more money you will be able to make, so don’t always think you need to get them to open their wallets as soon as you say hello.

People buy from those they know, like and trust. So don’t expect them to just click on your affiliate links if they see you as a virtual stranger.

Give first and you will receive more, and this process can be very rapid when applied correctly. When I say “give first” I am referring to quality content that is in your subscribers best interest, instead of your own.


While we’re on the topic of building relationships – let me talk about the problem a lot of people have doing this and why…

When you’re trying to make commissions from ‘Rocket Spanish’ ‘Truth about Abs’ and ‘Chopper Tattoo’ you need to build relationships in 3 different markets.

That’s 3 times as much work as concentrating on one market, eg: Fitness and then segmenting that market for more specific offers.

It’s a lot easier, a lot less work and as expected, more income.


KEEP EVERYTHING SIMPLE – for your sake and also for the sake of your customers.

With the example above of ‘Rocket Spanish’ ‘Truth about Abs’ and ‘Chopper Tattoo’ they are different markets and your resources are already being stretched.

Choose the one market where there are enough related products and services to promote so you don’t have a one shot opportunity to make money and just work on that one market until you’re making consistent sales before looking elsewhere.

Even then, you will be concentrating on optimizing your income potential before diversifying.


Once you’ve chosen the market you want to profit from, you need to get a list of all the potential products and services that you can make money from.

Don’t just choose a product and then see if you can sell it – what if it doesn’t sell as well as you thought?

Where’s your backup plan?

You need to have a backup plan before you even start to promote for traffic.

NOW – You need to know who you’re going to be selling these products to because, as has already been said – you need to get the RIGHT TRAFFIC if you want to make money.

Any old traffic simply won’t cut the mustard if you want to get rich.

You need to get the right traffic.

This only comes from Market Research and you will get good at doing this.


How do you know what to promote?

The first step is to only sell stuff that you would buy for yourself.

Only sell stuff that you would want to have to solve your problems if you had the same problem as your customer.

Only promote products that have proven to work.

Only promote stuff from businesses that have a good reputation.


In summary: Align all your business with quality products and services and then go the extra mile to make a positive difference to the people who are filling your pockets with cash.

Here are the main elements of Affiliate marketing…

  • Identify your market
  • Identify their problem
  • Get Domain & Hosting
  • Set up simple website
  • Create free irresistible offer
  • Sign up for an Autoresponder account
  • Set up follow up message series
  • Get targeted traffic
  • Let them know how you can solve their problem
  • Ask for the appropriate action
  • Build relationships
  • Sell stuff (without “selling”)


Having a better understanding of what needs to be done, and knowing WHY is half the battle when it comes to starting up your own online marketing business.

So… if you are convinced and ready to start on your own journey to success – let me help you make your dreams become a reality.

My aim is to help you to get some results as quickly as possible. That way you won't lose motivation, as you'll see that your business is growing.

By the way, this course is heavily discounted for a limited number of people.


Because I want your feedback so that I can improve the course.

And I also want your testimonials!

But first...

Please don't just read the stuff...Take action!

Because that's the only way you can possibly make any money from it.

But you already knew that, right?

I have to say...

Anyone who doesn't want to do even the simple things, like, getting a web host, purchasing a domain, paying for an autoresponder etc...

Just isn't creating an online business.

Those who expect to do it with no initial investment...

I just can't believe that they are really serious.

You have take responsibility for your own success. Because, no one else can make you successful.

Seriously, if you don't plan to make this course your total focus...

Then I'd prefer you don't sign-up.

My time is valuable - and so is yours. I only want serious marketers.

Sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it?


All that is required are 2 things to make things happen:

  1. Find someone YOU TRUST to show you how to do something the RIGHT WAY.
  1. Then YOU MUST believe and act upon what you’ve just learned and DUMP the NOISE and information overload you have in your head from past experiences.


Now I do realize that the 2nd part for most people is the hardest part to complete.

The more times you’ve been lied to in the past means it’s going to be harder for you to break through the psychological barriers that are holding you back.

This is why you see those WSO’s on offer at the Warrior Forum that seem a bit over hyped like:


“How a COMPLETE NEWCOMER MANAGED to earn 5 figures per MONTH ONLINE working just 2 - 3 HOURS PER DAY!”


What they forget to mention are the words “HARD WORK” & persistence - Plus the Initial Setup Time but once you get this system up and running it’ll be well worth the results you can generate from it as I’m sure you’ll agree.


I’m going to PROMISE YOU that...

If you follow these EXACT STEPS that I’m going to show you in this course and actually do the work that’s required of you, this method will WORK FOR YOU!

I know that promise is a bit extreme but I really want this to work for you and your business and I know the feeling of being promised something, working on it for weeks and months on end only to see little to NO RESULTS from all your hard fought efforts.

I will say is that if you do get this up and running and working for you, you’ll have a system that takes away 90% of the struggles of building a HIGHLY responsive email list of followers online.

Once your list is BIG enough you’ll be able to wake up in the morning KNOWING exactly what you need to do to make 4 – 5 figures within just a few weeks or months depending on how FAST you run with this model.

It’s an “Evergreen” working business model that has stood the test of time and it has allowed me and countless others to sell products online consistently.

Don't worry about your lack of experience...

If you are totally new to all of this, I'll be guiding you through this step-by-step.


So here's what you need to do now:

Decide if you really will follow this course all the way, and build a REAL business.

If you ARE totally committed then click the link below now while it's still discounted.

Kevin Flatt
Dare to dream... Then take action!

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