ATTENTION:  I'm looking for people who have no list building experience and who want to build a REAL Business on the Internet by test-driving the easiest way to get paid online.

"Simple Step-By-Step Blueprint Showing You Exactly What You Need To Finally Become
Successful With Making Money Online!"

How Easy Would It Be To Succeed Online If You Simply Focused On A Tried And Tested Model That Has Worked For Successful Marketers For Years?

Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur.
From: Kevin Flatt

Has anyone ever really taken the time, to really lay out to you in a Simple Step-By-Step Blueprint, and explain to you in Simple Understandable Vocabulary, exactly what it is going to take for you to finally become successful with making money online?

Obviously You Need To Stop Wasting Time Trying To "Figure Out" Things On Your Own Because, I already know that from experience, it's impossible to just "figure out"...

What you really need to do to make money is just stick to a system that works and follow the lead of the guys who have already done what your trying to do.

I've got a few questions for you, that if you answer yes to, then you could be thankful for the rest of your life that you found this page! Here they are..

 1. How would you like to be able to make a few thousand or even several thousand dollars each month?

 2. Would you like to replace your income that you have from your current income or just have an extra income?

 3. Would you like to finally find the complete blueprint that will show you step-by-step how you can finally make money each and every month and reach the destination of financial freedom?

 I want you to know that no matter what your current job situation or how your finances are looking right now that there is something bigger just waiting for you…and I expect that you know that, don’t you?

Maybe you're here looking for a way to just make some extra cash to provide for your daily needs.

Or possibly it is to make enough  money to replace your lost income.

Or my personal favorite, your here to learn how to make more money than you know what to do with.

Maybe that 3rd example has not even crossed your mind yet.  But if not, why not?  Go ahead and just do yourself a big favor right now and allow yourself to imagine waking up tomorrow, not to the sound of that annoying alarm clock, but when you are rested and ready to take on the day.

Now imagine, strolling 30 feet to your home office, firing up your computer and opening your emails to discover you've made $XXXX automatically -- and all while you were asleep!

That picture looks pretty sweet doesn't it?

Well no matter what you are searching for financially… I am here to help You!

I am here to help the beginner Marketer Reach The Heights Of Extreme Profitability by helping You Get Serious... Get Busy... And Get A Real Success Plan in place. I offer you a rock-solid, well-planned and systematic approach to building your online business from the ground up.

I Started Out Clueless And Frustrated—but now here I am today ready to help you!

This is your chance to get the leads you need to produce the kind of profits that could allow you to:

  • Take your dream vacation
  • Buy those little extras that you’ve always wanted
  • Eliminate your debt
  • Say good-bye to your boss forever!  

My methods range from 100% FREE traffic methods (Yes they do work) for those who are on a pretty tight budget...

Right through to the LIGHTENING FAST methods for those of you who are EAGER to build your lists at WARP SPEED.

I'm 100% CONVINCED that my "5K Monthly Income Reality" can make all the difference to your current level of results you're seeing right now from your business.

 I Am Not Going To Lie & Fill You With Hype.

Is this a typical B.S. No work involved type method - NO!

Can I just sit back and not have to think about anything with this method - NO!

But by the end of this PROVEN SALES FUNNEL FORMULA you'll know EVERYTHING there is you need to know about running successful sales funnels that YOU have complete control over.

I wish I could say that $3K-$5K  a month was going to be the typical result for all my students.  They are not typical results, It is what is possible with the right systemthe right methods of learning and you working hard to make it happen!

I usually do not like using words like, "Working Hard" because most people do not like to be told they will have to work for something that they have been told over and over, with a load of hype, that making money online is super easy.

I am not going to lie to you and fill you with that same hype.  This is your business you are building and your financial freedom at stake here, and it is going to take work to make it all happen, just as it took work for me to build my business and to experience the life I have now!

Let me ask you something really quick before we get right down to the nitty gritty.

Are you a complete beginner?

Then this is the quickest way for you to start a successful online business. It will give you the game plan to make money relatively quickly. And, it will allow you to build the right foundation for a successful business for years to come.

Now, having said all of that ...

How much money can you expect to make?

The truth is, I can't answer that question. You could make hundreds monthly, thousands monthly or even tens of thousands monthly. Or, you could make absolutely nothing.

I don't know you. I don't know if you'll follow instructions. I don't know if you'll complete the  assignments. I don't know how motivated you are. I don't know you at all. How can I reasonably say with any certainty that you'll make a certain amount of money?

I can't. And, if others were honest, they can't either. Take your time to think about want you are buying and don't simply pay for something you might not use.

What I can promise you is this: If you follow my instructions you WILL make a profit from your time invested each week. How MUCH profit depends on you.

Fair enough?


Introducing 5K Monthly Income Reality: A Step-By-Step,
7 Module - 3 Week Training Program to Build a LASER TARGETED List That You Can Monetize and Create Unlimited REPEAT Income From online.


Think about this for just a moment...

Does it really need to be that complicated?!

Wouldn't it be much easier for you to actually get things done if someone simply told you, "here's the next step you need to take"?

Make no mistake about it ... you need a COMPLETE set of instructions. But you do NOT need to be overwhelmed with "information overload". You simply need to know what to do (and how to do it!) in one simple step at a time.


Unlike other sales letters that want to attract everyone … I don't.

This program isn't for those who are desperate. It's for those who want to take time and do it right.

If you're looking for a "get rich quick" scheme, this isn't it. This is a legitimate business that makes a little profit early on and sees that profit multiply and grow over time.

Doesn't sound as "sexy" as some of the other claims being made out there, I know. But, in the end, it won't leave you disappointed that you wasted more time and money, simply because it DOES work

So, let's get started together...

I have decided to sell my course for a one time payment of $10 (temporary price - see below).  

"Wow, that's a bargain ... seriously ... what's the catch?"

We both know that the current price is a drop in the bucket. So, yes, there is a catch...

The Next 50 Members Will Be Accepted Into 5K Monthly Income Reality At The Current One Time Payment Price!

Once these initial memberships have been sold (and this will not take long) the price will increase in increments. The reason I am offering memberships at such a low price for the next 50 people is that I will be looking for more feedback so that I can make any improvements that are necessary to the course, as well as asking for testimonials .

If you want to join, the time to do it is right now before the price goes up.

Put an END to your SUFFERING from complete Information Overload and no idea of which direction you need to go with your business, and FINALLY break the cycle of making NO SALES or seeing very little returns on your investment.

  Plus, You Can't Lose with My 100%, Ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee! Your satisfaction is assured through my no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no- questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just email me within 30 days and I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

  Limited Email Support                          Includes PRIORITY Email Support

5K Income Reality5K Income Reality With Priority Email Access

P.S. This course is ONLY available at this price to the first 50 that snatch it up. I expect that this will sell out VERY quickly, so don't hesitate to secure your spot today!

P.P.S.  Remember I have totally removed any risk on your part with my Guarantee.  I would be surprised if you wanted your money back after you see everything that is included firsthand -- but hey, if for ANY reason within 30 days you decide that this is not for you, just email me and I'll promptly and courteously refund you in full.

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